Warning: Contains graphic violence

Welcome to GraphicViolence. I hope you will enjoy or learn from my little project, thought that is not its main purpose. This is really about relaxation therapy, for myself. (Breathe deeply.)

These days, with alarming frequency, in all media, I am confronted with graphs that do violence to the most elementary principles of how to represent data with pictures. What are those principles? Follow this blog, and you will find out. It is much more fun to to see examples of those principles being violated, than to sit through a pedantic lecture.

The plan for this blog is to point at particularly egregious insults to our graphic intelligence. These will be found in public sources such as newspapers, TV, and internet sites.  In each case, I will show how the data could be presented in a simple efficient manner. Along the way, a few fundamental principles of effective graph design may be mentioned. I hope this will prove much better, for my own mental balance, than yelling at the newspaper.

I have several day jobs, so don’t expect very frequent postings. But given the torrent of bad graphs out there, I should be able to keep this little pipeline filled to bursting.


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